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Mark 320 Articulator

$1 238.15

All Mark 300 Series Articulators: • Engineered to be accurate within 20 microns • Tilt back at a 45° angle, allowing you to view the casts as if the patient were there • Have a built-in support pin that allows the upper member to stand completely open while the articulator is sitting flat • Have a positive centric latch which allows the upper and lower members to be separated or positively locked together • Have a new magnetic mounting system that offers three points of contact to ensure stability The Mark 320 is semi-adjustable, and features: • Adjustable condylar inclination: 0°- 60° • Fixed progressive side shift: 15° Comes complete with: Dust cover, 10 magnetic mounting plates, instructions and standard black carrying case. More Information


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Our articulators are designed to mechanically imitate the human jaw. All are engineered to close tolerances and built with traditional Whip Mix precision and accuracy.


A facebow aids in achieving proper occlusion. Our facebows provide you with a fast, easy and accurate means of transferring proper maxillary relationships. 


Our occlusion accessories enhance the capabilities of the Whip Mix, Hanau and Denar articulator systems and provide the clinician with a wide range of options for specialized needs.